The Oh-So-Wearable Glam Sweatshirt

Glam Sweatshirts // MSL

There are days, as moms, when rolling out of bed seems virtually impossible. The thought of peeling yourself away from your cozy bed and stepping foot onto the hardwood floor can be a little daunting, especially when you’ve only had four hours of sleep. It’s days like these when we’re thankful for fashion meeting function, in the form of a wearable and ingenious trend: The Glam Sweatshirt. The chic police have no reason to blow the whistle on this amazing piece that can take a look from mundane to sensational – sans buttons or hard-to-reach zippers. What’s even more thrilling for moms is that it’s perfectly acceptable to rock this look from morning to night (on most occasions), with just a couple of tweaks when necessary. However…don’t mistake hokie for haute. The holiday sweater with an embroidered reindeer does not a glam sweatshirt make. There are still rules to dressing for comfort, and hasn’t this forgiving trend given you enough leeway? Make good choices, moms. Make good choices. Here are a few of our favs.

  1. BCBG
  2. Express
  3. Twenty
  4. ASOS
  5. Tibi
  6. BCBG
  7. Jonathan Simkhai
  8. Express


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