These Healthy Nut-Free Snacks Are Kid-Approved

Our girl just hit another childhood milestone. Braces. And, if you have a kid with braces, you know that finding healthy, non-sticky, non-sugary, overly processed snacks you can throw in their backpack is a challenge. Not to mention, most schools and camps are nut-free since nut allergies have become so commonplace in the last decade or so. Our own Deirdre Hahn’s daughter has dealt with a severe nut allergy for most of her childhood. (Read more about her story and ideas for nut-free lunches.) In addition, many kids deal with GI or stomach issues (like my daughter) and benefit from following a whole food diet. Let’s face it, we ALL would benefit from cutting back on processed foods. It’s scary how many ingredients are not identifiable on so many food labels. Enough said. Enter 88 Acres.

Founded by Nicole and Rob Dalton, Nicole started making her own craft seed bars when Rob almost died from a severe allergic reaction to nuts on their fourth date. The couple took the bars with them for snacks everywhere and shared them with friends who gave them a big thumbs up. That’s when they knew there was a market for the products. Created in Massachusetts, the bars and butters are free of the top eight food allergens and crafted with simple ingredients. In other words, the labels are a joy to read — you recognize everything on the list.  In addition, the company ensures their products are safe and high quality through responsible sourcing for ingredients and small batch baking. The result is delicious, moist bars and super tasty sunflower seed butter that doesn’t need to be mixed. (Who else can’t stand stirring in the oil?!)

If you give the products a try, you won’t be disappointed. (Our favorite is Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt – YUM!) Plus, on their blog you’ll find a ton of healthy recipes and meal inspo. Please let us know what you think!

Special thanks to 88 Acres for sending us the delicious bars and sunflower seed butter!!


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