Thoroughly Modern Hosiery

Modern Hosiery // MSL

Princess Kate has single-handedly resurrected hosiery from the depths of the no-longer-fashionable abyss. And if it’s good enough for the world’s most-stylish royal, it most certainly can help up-level our professional look when styled correctly. Today’s hosiery is not your grandma’s thick nude pantyhose. Designers are getting pretty creative with nylons these days, and you’d be surprised just how many compliments you can get on an item that originally dates back to the glory days of Leggs™. Remember those vintage commercials?

Modern Hosiery // MSL

Ways to wear your hose:

  • With a pencil skirt, pumps, a crisp button-down, and great blazer
  • Combine a colored pair with a black dress
  • Skirt suit + patterned hose = professional perfection

Word to the wise: Please don’t take your look to vampville, aka bold, black fishnets. Nylons should be worn with taste and with the right styling. If you aren’t sure how to wear them, email us and we’ll help you do the styling with pleasure.

  1. Spanx // Sheer Diamond Pantyhose
  2. Wolford // Carre Tights
  3. Wolford // Cross Line Tights
  4. Spanx // Pucker Up Tight End Tights
  5. Express // Chevron Stripe Tights
  6. Express // Diamond Texture Tights


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