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Top 5 Spring 2021 Essential Accessories

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The IT accessories this season do not disappoint. The bold, flirty '80s vibes, with a nod to the '90s, are not lost on us. Of course, playing a starring role in the inspiration is the pandemic 2020s, since it's apparent that these accessory trends are all zoom-friendly and face-flattering. And, like the current feel running through clothing, the flat to low-heeled shoe trend is about chic-comfort. While some of us are starting to get out and about more these days (fingers crossed we keep future lockdowns at bay!), we're still doing it sporting more comfortable styles, as supposed to stilettos. While we love getting ...Read more.

Spring 2021 Fashion Embraces Color & Comfort

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From bubblegum pink and sunny yellow to emerald green and glow-up orange, fashion is in an optimistic mood this spring! Fashionistas all over the globe are ready to emerge from their cocoon and embrace all the bright, happy colors of the season. (Brights not for you? Pastels are in too!) So, in addition to these eye-popping colors, what else is haute for spring? Key words are: fun, frivolous and easygoing. Yes, you can take the girl out of quarantine, but you can't take away her sweatpants. Even jeans and trousers are relaxed and roomy. Not the most flattering look on everyone, but as always, "you do you" and wear ...Read more.

Pro Tips: How to Dress 10 Pounds Slimmer Now

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We don't have the stats on how many of us added a few pounds over the very intense, stressful, stay-at-home year that was 2020... BUT raise your hand if you've been living in loungewear and pouring yourself a glass or two of wine with dinner on the daily. Yeah, we thought so.... us too. While our communities opening up and returning to some semblance of normal is still a ways off, we are starting to mentally prep for the idea of getting dressed in regular (read: non-stretchy) clothes again. Our gift to you is DON'T worry about the extra pounds right now, instead think LEAN! And, hide your overindulgence by styling ...Read more.