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Mom Muse | Angela Zdrale

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“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” This popular quote comes to mind as we reflect on the journey of our friend and latest mom muse, Angela Zdrale. Like most successful entrepreneurs, Angela started her business with a problem she was trying to solve and a vision of how she could address it. Her story begins in middle school when she hit her growth spurt and all the cute, trendy clothing and shoes were too short or too small for a girl of her height. A lover of fashion, Angela shared with us how she used to deal with discomfort due to ill-fitting clothing made for shorter torsos and legs and ...Read more.

Mom Muse | Sarah Jane Bourque

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Jewelry designer Sarah Jane Bourque’s love of all things design began in her childhood. At the young age of 10, she spent many nights and weekends playing with the clothes in her closet, challenging herself to pull together as many different outfit combinations as she could dream up. She covered her closet walls with designer ads (think Ralph Lauren! Armani! Donna Karan!) from W Magazine and created three-ring binders of her favorite looks from magazines. We can picture it and totally relate…. we may or not have done the same thing. ;) Photo Credit: Emily Carroll Photography Born and raised in Wichita, ...Read more.

Mom Muse | Kim Vehon

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With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we are busy planning a memorable meal to give thanks for what we’re most grateful for in our lives. Family is always at the top of the list. Most of us can’t imagine what it would be like to be a child growing up in the foster care system. Being moved around to different families and homes, not having a permanent place or mom and dad to call our own. And, likely having gone through a traumatic event or situation to end up there. As moms, our hearts break for these children… especially when we think about our own kids and how a child’s outlook and life would take a very ...Read more.