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Mom Muse | Jamie Chandlee

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Jamie Chandlee is one of those moms we meet and ask ourselves, how does she do it all?? She's smart, driven, beautiful inside and out, an active philanthropist, and the CEO of one of our go-to fashion & beauty resource websites, Rank & Style. Oh, and this high-tech fashionista has enviable style. Of course, like most moms, Jamie’s most challenging and rewarding role is raising her two little ones, Emerson (3) and Maxwell (1). A Texan through and through, Jamie was born and raised in the Lone Star State and graduated from the University of Texas. Before becoming the CEO of Rank & Style, she played a ...Read more.

Mom Muse | Rachel Garahan

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Living the simple life, a more carefree existence, is something that many of us think and dream about… but, it’s a difficult thing to do in our fast-paced, plugged-in, “always on” world. We admire how Rachel Garahan has made it a point to incorporate being carefree and fluid into her day-to-day life and work. Recently, she even picked up and moved with her family to an exotic beach in Central America for a few months, far away from their everyday life. Okay, so maybe we can’t all go away for a few months, but this year is a new year and we are all about embracing more Zen and mindfulness. ...Read more.

Mom Muse | Marie Tillman

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Our admiration for Marie Tillman runs deep. This amazing woman embodies strength, humility and grace as she navigates her public and private lives, balancing her past and present. Marie was thrust into the national spotlight when her first husband Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan after famously giving up his career in the NFL to fight the war on terror following 9/11. The two were high school sweethearts in Northern California long before Pat’s football career, and were married just two months prior to his military deployment overseas. Following his untimely death and in response to the nationwide outpouring of ...Read more.