Arizona Midday | 5 Ways to Elevate Your Fall Style

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September has arrived! Following the summer that wasn't.... and we are SO ready for the cool down and all things fall! Still in quarantine-baking mode, I made my seasonal pumpkin chocolate chip muffins yesterday... why not start early? And, with schools and businesses starting to open up, it's time to start thinking about trading our stay-at-home casual wear for actual clothes we don't mind being seen wearing in public. While you won't catch us venturing out without a mask for the foreseeable future, they can't take away fall fashion from us! On Arizona Midday, I show five ways to elevate your fall style and how to wear ...Read more.

Arizona Midday | How to Nail Work-From-Home Style

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Working from home may sound like a dream... and this dream has turned into a reality for many of us during the pandemic. However, working from home is not without its challenges. Raise your hand if you found yourself staying makeup-free in your pajamas or sweats all day instead of getting ready like you would do if you were going to work. Yeah, I thought so. Did you also notice that you weren't quite as productive? Or found yourself scrambling to get ready for a last-minute zoom call? We are so feeling you. This said, work-from-home style can be comfortable and pulled together at the same time. On Arizona Midday, I show ...Read more.

Arizona Midday | Stylish & Practical Face Masks

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The latest "can't-leave-home-without-it" accessory is the face mask. Virtually overnight, the coronavirus pandemic has launched a new era in fashion where the mask is the star. Yes, pop singer Ariana Grande and her fans were ahead of their time. Now, many brands and fashion houses have jumped into the ring and are creating masks to sell in bundles or to benefit healthcare workers. However, it's important to recognize that all masks are not created equal when it comes to actually serving the purpose to protect the wearer or others around them, thus helping to flatten the curve. On Arizona Midday, I talk about what to look ...Read more.