How I Deal with My Daughter’s Severe Nut Allergy and Find the Positive

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by Dr. Deirdre Hahn, Lifestyle Contributor | I’m the mom of two terrific and very different daughters. Katie was born in 1994 and Lilly was born in 2009. Yes, that's a fourteen-year difference! During those fourteen years between Katie and Lilly, I completed my bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees, started two new careers, divorced, remarried, travelled, and sporadically cooked. I wasn’t particularly concerned about nutrition, and the term food allergies was not even in my vernacular. I didn’t breastfeed Katie, and I’m certain that I gave her peanuts and shellfish before she was even six months old! ...Read more.

Staycation in Style at the Omni Montelucia

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Who among us wouldn't love to be on vacation every day? Vacations not only give us something to look forward to, but they are essential for recharging and making memories, whether it's just you and your significant other or the whole family. Since life happens and we can't always get away for a long trip, staycations are an awesome way to "check out" of your everyday grind for a night or two without the hassle of traveling. We are lucky to live in the Phoenix area where there are a number of award-winning resorts to choose from just minutes away from our home, plus during the summer there are incredible staycation ...Read more.

Elimination Diet Tips for Kids: Terrific Turkey Burgers

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Dinner CAN be easy on this diet... it's really just a matter of finding and stocking your pantry with the right healthy ingredients that meet the "no additives" criteria, then shopping regularly for the fresh items you'll need. Once you're familiar with the brands and food you can buy, trips to the supermarket aren't as overwhelming. Of course the first few times give yourself extra time to walk around, read labels and determine the best choices for your situation. We discovered the ShopWell app for your smartphone (just search the App Store on your phone) which is helpful, as you can plug in the ingredients you need ...Read more.