GI Rescue Recipes: Low-Sugar Olive Oil Cake

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This cake is a go-to, healthy-ish treat at our house! The family begs for it. With just a 1/2 cup of sugar in the whole cake and no butter, it's sweet enough without being overly so, dairy-free, and yet so moist and delicious, you don't feel like you're sacrificing anything to eat better. It can also be made gluten-free, if you need to avoid gluten or are following the Low FODMAP diet. Like most gluten-free baked goods, the end result is a slightly denser cake, but no less delicious. This cake is so easy to make I whip it up at least once a week. Pro tip: Use a pretty bundt cake pan and wow everyone at the table with ...Read more.

GI Rescue Recipes: Turkey-Stuffed Peppers

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It's dinner time AGAIN. I need something easy and fast, yet healthy and nutritious, plus it needs to meet the Low FODMAP diet guidelines. (Code for it's good for your gut!) I looked at several different stuffed pepper recipes and created my own healthy version that has become a weekly go-to meal in our house, plus a family favorite! Oh, and my husband loves it even more when I throw a few jalapeƱos on the top of his serving. Bring on the heat. ;) Bonus: It tastes just as good or even better the next day for lunch, and during these quarantine times having good food ready to eat on hand is a lifesaver. I hope your family ...Read more.

Virtual Summer Camp Ideas for Kids!

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While we all might be feeling relieved that COVID-induced online school has come to an end (at least for now!), summer is likely looking a bit different this year too. Most summer camps are cancelled or at least postponed, travel plans have gone to the wayside, and we're all holding our breath to see what the summer will bring. Here in Arizona, businesses have been opening up and people are flocking to restaurants and stores.... and coronavirus cases are sadly on the uptick. At our house, we're being cautious and still laying low. We may hit the highway for a road trip or two in July, but unless we want to spend our days ...Read more.