It’s Time to Amass Your Pool Floatie Army

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If you have kids, it's all about the floatie army! Which one's your favorite?? At the moment, we are obsessed with the giant unicorn (so magical!) and fruity pineapple (diggin' the tropical vibe!). And, how about the huge oyster shell or pretty peacock or colorful cactus?! We can't get enough. Plus, they make summer photos in the pool or at the lake so much more interesting and instagrammable! ...Read more.

These Healthy Nut-Free Snacks Are Kid-Approved

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Our girl just hit another childhood milestone. Braces. And, if you have a kid with braces, you know that finding healthy, non-sticky, non-sugary, overly processed snacks you can throw in their backpack is a challenge. Not to mention, most schools and camps are nut-free since nut allergies have become so commonplace in the last decade or so. Our own Deirdre Hahn's daughter has dealt with a severe nut allergy for most of her childhood. (Read more about her story and ideas for nut-free lunches.) In addition, many kids deal with GI or stomach issues (like my daughter) and benefit from following a whole food diet. Let's ...Read more.

This Is What’s On Our Mother’s Day List

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One of the biggest gift-giving days of the year is less than two weeks away.... our day, ladies.... Mother's Day!! Families are projected to spend over 23 billion dollars on mom in preparation for Sunday, May 13th. Wow. So, what do we have our eye on this Mom's Day for ourselves and the moms in our lives?? ...Read more.