GI Rescue Recipes for Kids: Turkey Spinach Lasagna

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At our house, we LOVE our pasta! The FODMAP diet can put a slight cramp in that if you let it, but no need as there are delicious brown rice-based pasta noodles that make Italian cuisine very doable. This lasagna is easy to make and FODMAP-friendly, and SOOOO good! It's also great to pack for a hot school lunch and to freeze for quick meals later. ...Read more.

GI Rescue Recipes for Kids: Banana Coconut Cookies

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Delicious and super easy to make, these cookies meet the criteria for the low FODMAP diet and most elimination diets, and don't have any added sugar! You can opt to add dark chocolate chips if you're on the FODMAP diet, since they are low in sugar and deemed "okay." Everyone that's tried these has absolutely loved them. Enjoy! ...Read more.

Our Stay at the “New” Royal Palms Resort

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I've always been a huge fan of the Royal Palms Resort & Spa -- from the gorgeous property to the award-winning T. Cook's restaurant which never disappoints. It's right down the street from our house, but once I'm there I immediately feel like I'm on vacation somewhere in the Mediterranean. The beautiful architecture and lush grounds are the perfect backdrop for a relaxing vacation or staycation. We also like to pop into the bar on the weekends for a drink and to enjoy the live music -- generally a talented local singer/guitarist is playing songs we all recognize, ranging from the '70s to now. Love! Needless to ...Read more.