Sneak Peek at New Luxury Resort Coming to Arizona

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"Mommy, are they bringing back the Teddy Bear Tea at Christmas?" This is the burning question my daughter asked when I told her I was invited to attend the official site dedication for the highly-anticipated Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley resort community this week. If you've lived in Phoenix for a few years and have kids, you'll remember the Ritz-Carlton in the Biltmore area and the wildly-popular Teddy Bear Tea, which sold out by mid-October every year. Fingers crossed, I told her. Tea or not, the new Ritz promises to be stunning and is the centerpiece of the largest luxury resort community being developed in Arizona ...Read more.

My Perfect Night Out Involves Food & Wine

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How often do you and your significant other schedule a date night? Meaning no kids tagging along, of course. Just grown-up conversation and a flashback to what it was like BK (Before Kids). I have friends that do this really well and have a date night once a week. Me? Not so much. We need to get better about setting aside time to spend as just a couple. It just seems like life always gets in the way. When we do plan a date night, it generally involves food and wine. Lots of great food and wine. Enter T. Cook's third annual "Cellar Series." These special events not only offer an amazing intimate dining experience, but ...Read more.

How to Make Homemade Bread (It’s easier than you think!)

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by Deirdre Hahn, Lifestyle Contributor | This is a post about making bread… during the era of gluten-free everything. I realize I’m going against the grain (lol), but I still believe there is something quite magical in savoring a piece of warm, homemade bread. So delish.... Plus, have you ever read the ingredient list of all the "junk" that's in your favorite loaf of bread at the store? From dextrose (code for sugar) and soy lecithin to other chemical names that are difficult to pronounce, it's not pretty. The store-bought choices are improving, but they are slim. My daughter’s food allergies provided the ...Read more.