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Lust. Luxe. Less. | Studded Statement Bags

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Studs continue their dominance in the fashion world and we simply love how they give our style a cool-girl edge. While the Valentino rock stud collection is still super haute, many other designers have created their own studded works of art that we have our eye on for our handbag stash. After all, we like to stand out from the crowd. ...Read more.

Fab from the Lab | Patriotic Style

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Angela’s Lab | Forecast Bright & Sunny

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The hot summer weather (111 degrees in Phoenix today!) always puts me in the mood for brights and this print paired with white sunnies takes me back to the '80s, when my white Vuarnets (remember that must-have '80s brand of shades??) and I could not be parted. This pair symbolizes a modern take on white and is embellished with crystals on the sides. Love! ...Read more.