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Regional Style | Transform Your Look With a Scarf

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by Jen Munoz, Regional Style Contributor - Texas | While everyone else is transitioning to fall, those of us in Texas are still looking at ways to beat the heat and look fashionable. We are all O-v-e-r (with a capital O) our summer wardrobe staples, however we can’t wear any of our new fall duds quite yet, for fear of heatstroke and let’s be honest – whomever said, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle" did NOT live in Texas in the summer. So, what’s a girl to do to punch up her outfits until temperatures decrease? Accessorize! Scarves are one of the most versatile items in your closet, ladies. So, recently I’ve ...Read more.

Video | Super Stylish Sneakers

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What's more comfortable than sneakers? They're the ideal shoe for running errands, dashing after kids, and help us get more done more quickly and efficiently. And great news(!), in the last few seasons, designers from Chanel to Missoni have been embracing the athletic trend and we now have a plethora of comfortable AND fashionable sneakers to choose from! ...Read more.

Video | LBD Day to Night

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One of the most versatile pieces in our closet, the Little Black Dress (aka LBD) works for any number of situations and occasions. By choosing an LBD that is a flattering cut, classic style and made from good fabric such as jersey or lightweight wool, you can wear your LBD numerous different ways. On Arizona Midday, Angela Keller talks about how we can completely change the look of our classic LBD through layers and accessories, and transition it from day to night with ease. ...Read more.