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My Eco-Friendly Must-Haves in Chandler Lifestyle

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In this era of fast fashion and high consumer appetite to own the next hottest thing, preserving our Earth's resources and sustainable living have taken on a new level of urgency. Focusing on being a good environmental citizen is paramount at a number of fashion and beauty companies, and today's eco-friendly products are not only high-quality, but also stylish. It's become "in" to be green! In honor of Earth Day this month, Chandler Lifestyle magazine asked me to pull together some of my favorite eco-friendly must-haves for their April "Eco Issue," so watch for the magazine to hit your mailbox if you live in the Chandler ...Read more.

Saving the Earth One Dress at a Time

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Fashionable and eco-friendly are generally not two words used together in the same sentence. However, this is changing. We are seeing more and more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing lines that actually take style into account. Mom Style Lab went on the hunt for environment-friendly clothing items we would not only feel good about wearing because we're helping our planet, but pieces we would buy for how chic they look. Happy Earth Day! ...Read more.