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Angela’s Lab | What I’m Wearing for Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays since I take time out to celebrate with my family how blessed I am to be a mom! And, how lucky I am to have a wonderful mom and mother-in-law! Not to mention it's fun to be pampered by our kids and husbands, right? It's the one day (other than your birthday) they make an extra effort not to ask you to do too many things for them. That is, if your kids are old enough to grasp the concept. Mother's Day is also one of those heavily photographed times and moms are the star in every photo. Make sure you decide in advance (at least the night before!) what you're wearing, ...Read more.

Arizona Midday | Special Occasion Dressing

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Spring is a popular time for special milestone occasions, from bridal and baby showers to weddings and graduations, not to mention holidays like Easter and Mother's Day. All of these events are heavily photographed and we want to look our very best. Angela has looks that are sure to land you on the best-dressed list for these momentous occasions and shows how to wear them on Channel 12's Arizona Midday. And, just how fabulous are the hats, à la Kate Middleton??! We are obsessed. ...Read more.