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Mom Muse | Sarah Jane Bourque

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Jewelry designer Sarah Jane Bourque’s love of all things design began in her childhood. At the young age of 10, she spent many nights and weekends playing with the clothes in her closet, challenging herself to pull together as many different outfit combinations as she could dream up. She covered her closet walls with designer ads (think Ralph Lauren! Armani! Donna Karan!) from W Magazine and created three-ring binders of her favorite looks from magazines. We can picture it and totally relate…. we may or not have done the same thing. ;) Photo Credit: Emily Carroll Photography Born and raised in Wichita, ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Sentimental Jewelry Lasts Forever

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The impending Mother's Day weekend has me feeling emotional... emotional about my own mom being gone for a year and a half now... emotional that she's not here in person to see my daughter grow up... emotional about the fact that I'm so blessed to be a mom... and emotional about the fact that my daughter is growing up way too fast. I can hardly believe that she'll be turning double digits this summer and starting middle school in the fall. If you follow me on Instagram at momstylelab, you may have seen that I recently took Christina to her first concert (Taylor Swift! It really was an amazing show) and she also got ...Read more.

This Is What’s On Our Mother’s Day List

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One of the biggest gift-giving days of the year is less than two weeks away.... our day, ladies.... Mother's Day!! Families are projected to spend over 23 billion dollars on mom in preparation for Sunday, May 13th. Wow. So, what do we have our eye on this Mom's Day for ourselves and the moms in our lives?? ...Read more.