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Q: I’ve had three kids in the last 7 years and my stomach isn’t same. We are headed to the beach for 2 weeks in June and I’m dreading putting on my swimsuit. Any advice for flattering suits?
– Ellen W.

A: Believe me, we understand… after giving birth, very few moms are lucky enough to have the same figure, especially in the waist and stomach region!  The good news is there are tons of fashion-forward, sexy (yes sexy!) swimsuits out there designed to help us camouflage and slim our mid-section. Here are a few things to think about when you’re shopping for your new suit.

Dark & Solid. This is a can’t-miss combination when you are trying to look slimmer. Brands like Miraclesuit have swimsuits made from techno-fabrics that suck everything in. However, be careful the fabric isn’t over-sucking, in other words go up a size if you need to, as you don’t want the dreaded back-fat or arm-fat excessively bulging out due to a too-tight suit.


Miraclesuit (On Sale!) // Miraclesuit

Color-Blocking. Aim for lighter colors in the areas you want to highlight and dark colors in the areas you want to downplay. The eye will be drawn to the lighter sections of the suit. White insets on the side of a dark swimsuit create the illusion of a slim, curvy figure with a narrow waist.

Badgley Mischka // Karla Colletto

Elongating Prints. If you love prints, they can be slimming when they run in a vertical or chevron pattern. Prints also keep the eye moving so you don’t fixate on one area of the body. Avoid horizontal lines as they will widen your midsection.

print swimsuits_0

Sauipe //Clover Canyon

Surfer Girl. The rash guard and “wetsuit” looks are having a moment. This look can be quite sexy, while it covers up your midsection and even arms. This style offers great sun protection to help prevent premature aging and wrinkles! Plus, these suits are fantastic when you have little kids and you find yourself playing in the sand and surf with them. Is there anything worse than your swimsuit having a wardrobe malfunction at the pool or beach while you’re with your family?? We think not.

surf swimsuits_0
Next // Roxy

Undercover. Lastly, don’t forget to invest in a cover-up. You will feel 100 times more comfortable walking around to the snack shack and bathroom with your kids if you have a caftan or dress you can throw on quickly. The right cover-up can also take you to lunch and even casual cocktails and dinner.


Shoshanna (On Sale!) // Robin Piccone (On Sale!)


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