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Why You Need to Try These Korean Beauty Products

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Everyone's buzzing about Korean beauty products as of late, so when Moira Cosmetics sent me a box of goodies to try I was excited to check out this new brand. From skincare to makeup, Moira has a wide selection of promising products in sleek packaging. Plus, if you need another reason to check out this line, Moira founder Christine Ko recently won "The Breakthrough Award" at the 2018 Hollywood Beauty Awards in LA!! ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Sentimental Jewelry Lasts Forever

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The impending Mother's Day weekend has me feeling emotional... emotional about my own mom being gone for a year and a half now... emotional that she's not here in person to see my daughter grow up... emotional about the fact that I'm so blessed to be a mom... and emotional about the fact that my daughter is growing up way too fast. I can hardly believe that she'll be turning double digits this summer and starting middle school in the fall. If you follow me on Instagram at momstylelab, you may have seen that I recently took Christina to her first concert (Taylor Swift! It really was an amazing show) and she also got ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | My Secrets to Smoother Skin

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When we reach a certain age (ahem)... it's unavoidable. Our skin starts to lose elasticity and firmness. We start to develop fine lines and wrinkles. We can certainly try to combat it with Botox and injectables. Whether you decide to head down that road or not, there are a number of excellent products that will help "fill in and plump" from the surface. Today, I'm sharing with you how I go about creating a smoother surface on my face before I apply my makeup. Full disclosure: I haven't used Botox or injectables on my face. I'm not saying that I won't at some point, but for now I'm happy with what I can achieve via these ...Read more.