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Twinning with My American Girl

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I love American Girl. I love my dolls and that AG promotes girl power, kindness and individualism. We are all unique and special and have the ability to make the world a better place. Each doll has a story that makes her unique too. My mom recently helped me start an Instagram page called "AG Style Lab" featuring my dolls that she manages, but I brainstorm ideas with her for content and stage the photo shoots. It's really fun! Be sure and check it out. My mom is also encouraging me to write blog posts about things I enjoy, including American Girl, dance, fashion, books, cooking and crafts -- so watch for more from ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | All-American Girls

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The American Girl phenomenon... 30 years and going strong. Our daughter, who's now seven years old, is crazy about her dolls and the whole American Girl experience. We do not leave on a trip without a doll in tow. And the doll's backpack, several outfits, pajamas and accessories... As a mom, what I love about the brand is that they do a fantastic job of promoting a positive image for girls, from diversity to brains. You can even build your daughter her own "mini-me" doll by choosing the hair, skin and eye color, plus add on glasses, braces or any number of accessories. After all, doesn't every little girl wish ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Spring Break Part 2 – California

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From the Emerald City to the Golden State, next stop - Northern California! I love the Bay Area, especially San Francisco and the Peninsula which reminds me a lot of my hometown, Seattle, with its unique look and personality combined with the water and bonus, the weather is better. ...Read more.