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Arizona Midday | Beach Bag Essentials

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Having the perfect beach bag that is properly stocked can make or break your day in the surf and sand. From hats and flip-flops to circular towels and mini-emergency kits, Angela has the essentials for NBC Channel 12's Arizona Midday you should be packing in your tote this summer. ...Read more.

Please No More Wrinkles! Top 5 Beach Essentials

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There's something magical about days at the beach when you're a kid -- digging in the sand, saltwater in your hair, no worries about how the sun is aging your skin... those were the days. Over spring break or definitely the summer, so many of us head to the beach to give our kids that special experience we still have memories of from our childhood. Of course, now more than ever before, sun protection (and wrinkle prevention!) is top of mind. Before you hit the sand, here are our fashion and beauty beach essentials you should check out, stat! ...Read more.

Ask Our Style Techs | Affordable Resort Wear

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Q: My daughter is headed to an upscale beach resort for her honeymoon. She's in her 20s, petite and her style leans toward the conservative and classic. Can you suggest some key pieces that won't break the bank? - Carol T. ...Read more.