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The Target Designer Collab We’ve Been Waiting For

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Mark your calendar for April 9th! That's the day when the Victoria Beckham + Target collection launches. This super cute, chic collection by one of our favorite designers in partnership with the high-low, designer collaboration superpower, Tar-jay, promises to sell out quickly, so scout your looks now and make your list. Then, get ready to shop online or in-store on the big day. ...Read more.

Video | Designer Shoe Looks for Less

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There's nothing like a beautiful pair of shoes to give us confidence and put a runway-model-jaunt in our step. Of course, every season our favorite designers launch an array of hard-to-resist "it" shoes -- we want them all. At least most of them. Of course, our practical side and budget force us to hone in on our favorites because we still have to buy things like groceries and pay for our kid's piano lessons. Good news! We found a number of designer shoe look-a-likes or "inspired by" styles and some are really hard to tell apart from the expensive designer versions! Angela shows us how to get the designer looks for less ...Read more.