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Mom Muse | Bonnie Basham Lance

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Bonnie Basham Lance was born to design jewelry – art and the creative process has been a major part of her life since childhood. Long before she began selling her unique designs, she always made jewelry for herself and her friends. Her handmade art pieces are one-of-a-kind and have a natural, organic feel with a sense of whimsy. Designs range from signature pieces made with shark’s teeth and horn shapes to brightly-colored beads and tassels. ...Read more.

Video | Special Occasion Dressing

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Spring is the kick-off of special occasion season -- from bridal and baby showers to weddings and graduations, not to mention holidays like Easter and Mother's Day, all of these events are heavily photographed and we want to look our best. Mom Style Lab has ideas for how to land on the best-dressed list for these momentous occasions on Channel 12's Arizona Midday. ...Read more.

Office Party Style Star

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Dressing appropriately for your office party is an art. Always lean on the conservative side, even in a more creative workplace. No one wants their choice of attire to be the topic of discussion around the water cooler on Monday morning. ...Read more.