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Video | Cute Looks for Sporting Events

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If you're lucky enough to have tickets to this year's Super Bowl or have plans to hang out with your gal pals at the Waste Management Phoenix Open... what to wear?? There is an art to looking pulled together and stylish at sporting events, yet dressing comfortably and appropriately for both the situation and weather conditions. On NBC Channel 12's Arizona Midday, Angela Keller shows us how to look cute and still be comfortable at the same time. ...Read more.

How to Dress for Sporting Events

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It's that time of year. Whether you have a sports team that you act as "12th Man" for or even if the Oscars are your "Super Bowl," chances are you're gearing up for a major event either at home or at a specific venue. Since full body paint didn't make it onto the runway this year and hats with slivers of cheese aren't necessarily considered "sporting event chic," we have some options that will get you through a win or a loss and keep you in the clear as far as what not to wear. ...Read more.