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Trend Watch: Fancy Feathers

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Feathers are fancy and glamorous, there's no doubt. Wearing them with our everyday denim feels special and decadent... and why not? The whole idea of "save your dressy clothes" for a special occasion has gone the way of our grandmothers. Live for today, we say, and wear all the feathers and fancy things! And, of course, feathers are always a date night win. We found some great pieces festooned with feathers, and here's how we styled them. ...Read more.

Bootie Up With New Styles Under $150

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Booties are our everyday go-to, easy to throw on and head out the door while looking on point, shoe of choice this time of year. They spice up our denim and cropped trousers, and give our casual skirts street cred and dresses sass. Suede and fringe are great daytime choices, and the new velvet and embellished versions transition beautifully from day to night. We've rounded up several pairs with the latest special details by tried-and-true, affordable brands that are -- wait for it -- under $150. ...Read more.

Trend Watch | The New Off-the-Shoulder for Fall

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The hands down biggest trend of the summer has been off-the-shoulder tops. This beloved style can truly be worn at any age and comes in a variety of cuts to enhance and flatter no matter what your body type. However, we are starting to feel a little "been there, done that" about the style and we're loving the NEW twist on the off-the-shoulder look -- the one-shoulder! Still sexy and far more easy to wear without fear of slipping and tugging when you move, the one-shoulder top is sure to be a new staple on the style scene. It certainly made a regular appearance on fall designer runways last spring. ...Read more.