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Trend Watch: Cape Cool

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The cape is fall's newest jacket silhouette and so retro chic. It begs to be worn with tailored pants, a chunky-heeled shoe, and dark oversized sunglasses. Jackie O style. Capes can be on the voluminous side, so keep the rest of your ensemble slimming vs. full to balance the look. For instance, slim pants or leggings and pencil skirts are a good choice, wide-leg trousers not so much, unless your cape is shorter with a more tailored look. And no midi-skirts. If you are petite, stick to shorter capes, as the longer ones would be overwhelming on your frame, and wear heels. A bonus to wearing a cape - besides the looks ...Read more.

Wear Teal and Stand Up to Ovarian Cancer

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Teal is not only a super flattering color on most skin tones, it is also an easy way we can show our support in September for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The reality of what an ovarian cancer diagnosis means for most women, hit the MSL radar when we profiled our Mom Muse Nicole Cundiff and heard the story about how she lost her own mom and started Colleen's Dream Foundation in her honor. Statistics show that 1 in 72 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime, and because the majority of women are diagnosed when the disease is too far advanced, survival rates beyond five years are low. To try and improve ...Read more.

Fab from the Lab | Discovered Weekly

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Angela’s Lab | What’s Old is New Again

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I have a whole drawer full of scarves. Wrap scarves, neckerchiefs, oblong and square-shaped -- you name it, I probably have it. About 15 years ago I went through a scarf phase when I wore this under-rated, yet always sophisticated and polished, accessory on a regular basis. In the last five years, I can't say that I've opened my scarf drawer a whole lot, except to occasionally tie one to my handbag or wrist for a splash of color and interest. Jen Munoz's story "Transform Your Look with a Scarf" reinvigorated my interest in this fabulous accessory -- why didn't it occur to me before to wear my scarf as a vest?? ...Read more.

Regional Style | Transform Your Look With a Scarf

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by Jen Munoz, Regional Style Contributor - Texas | While everyone else is transitioning to fall, those of us in Texas are still looking at ways to beat the heat and look fashionable. We are all O-v-e-r (with a capital O) our summer wardrobe staples, however we can’t wear any of our new fall duds quite yet, for fear of heatstroke and let’s be honest – whomever said, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle" did NOT live in Texas in the summer. So, what’s a girl to do to punch up her outfits until temperatures decrease? Accessorize! Scarves are one of the most versatile items in your closet, ladies. So, recently I’ve ...Read more.

Trend Watch: Jewelry Tattoos

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At MSL, we are big fans of the stacked "bracelets, bangles and baubles" look, and recently we discovered a new way to rock this trend that puts us in touch with our bohemian side. Worthy of a street style star, temporary jewelry tattoos are a fresh and inexpensive way to add bling to your look! And there's no commitment. ...Read more.

Fab from the Lab | Discovered Weekly

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