At Work | Top 5 Items to Add to Your Closet

At Work - 5 Easy Pieces

No matter how you slice it, being a mom is a 24/7, physically and emotionally demanding, often thankless job that your family will never fully understand. On top of that, many of us have the added challenge of getting dressed for the office, in addition to being prepared for carting the kids around after school. This fall, there are so many eye-catching trends, that it can be overwhelming if you’re trying to update your closet with versatile, practical, yet worthwhile, pieces. To save you the time you don’t have, MSL scoured the marketplace and came up with the best “At Work” pieces to add to your walk-in. Not only can they be worn multiple ways — these trends are looks we will no doubt be seeing time and time again.

1. Sheath Dress. The classic sheath dress gets an update! MSL found a new take on this basic with an extended short sleeve in über-flattering bright red with a hint of orange. Remember that tailoring is key to customize your fit if it’s not perfect! 

2. Updated Blazer. Gone are the days of the plain black blazer. Mixing patterns is not only allowed, but encouraged, and layering has become de rigueur. This salt-and-pepper tweed is not only office-appropriate, but also quiet enough in color that it can hang on the back of your chair and pair with anything you might wear to work during the week. We love the lapel on the back and gold button detail. 

3. Trumpet Skirt. Fashion is cyclical and this skirt is a throwback that we’re happy to see come around again. Set your trusty pencil skirt aside – the trumpet skirt adds feminine flair and takes the knee-length skirt to a new level. Menswear-blocked fabric makes a statement and pairs beautifully with your favorite black top. 

4. Ankle-Wrap Pump. The ankle-wrap pump is a must-have look for fall. We are gaga over this one that works the mixed media trend and takes you seamlessly from your work day to a night out. If you are on the petite side, consider another version in a skin tone color to lengthen your leg.

5. Statement Necklace. It’s called a “statement necklace” for a reason. The new classic in jewelry, a statement necklace says “look at me!” and draws the eye away from everything else. It gives your boring black dress (or any other color for that matter) an outgoing personality and extra sparkle. Pair a bold necklace with your work basics and wait for the compliments to roll in!


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