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Angela’s Lab | A Summer State of Mind

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Summer is all about having fun and this season the fashion world has jumped 110% on board with highly-embellished accessories and clothing. From ruffles and cut-outs to fringes and pom-poms, you've heard me say this before -- minimalism has taken a back seat to maximalism. Everything is pretty and bold, and even better, it's hard to overdo an outfit right now. Fashion started down this road a few years ago with loads of print mixing and has transitioned into a full-blown "look at me" attitude. We're seeing a ton of '80s influence happening, which -- let's face it -- was the original decade of fun, opulence and ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | These Magical Sneakers Spread Smiles

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Sun's out! And so is school -- summer vacation has officially begun at our house. We have a lengthy vacation planned for July, but in the meantime, Christina is starting camp and my grind is the usual (work, errands, pick up... repeat). As it is year round, our go-to everyday shoe is the sneaker. As such, we are always on the lookout for cool new styles and I'm excited to introduce you to our latest find -- chameleon kicks! SUNS Shoes is a start-up that has developed super cute sneakers that change color and/or pattern in the sunlight. Each pair also comes with a special UV keychain light that let's you ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | My Favorite Updates for Summer

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Summer days are quickly approaching and before we know it, school will be out. I'm already dreaming of family beach vacays and weekend getaways in the months ahead, and while they are a ways off, I am channeling vacation vibes with brights, embellishments and flirty styles. And, I am thrilled to have been asked by Paradise Valley Lifestyle magazine to share a few of my favorite things for refreshing your summer style! The magazine is hitting mailboxes in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area this week (or check it out online), and you can shop the items featured right here. Cheers to the crazy, lazy days of summer! ...Read more.