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Angela’s Lab | The Most Versatile Dress Ever

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This is my new go-to dress. It works for meetings, luncheons, date night, speaking engagements, events, weddings, church... the list goes on. It's tailored, flattering and the fabric is just the right weight with a little give. You can style it with flats for a more casual look or heels for a dressier one. We recently enjoyed a lovely staycation at the historic Royal Palms Resort & Spa in Phoenix and I wore it for brunch. Perfect. (Watch for a blog post coming next week on all the highlights of our staycation -- we got a sneak peek at the Royal Palms renovation! Such a beautiful property -- I can't wait to share ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Self-Tanning Made Simple

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It was the '90s. I was in my 20s, living in California and having a golden tan was a must-have "accessory." My skin is naturally pale and when I tan my skin turns a reddish-brown that doesn't last very long. Oh, but the damage to our skin from tanning and sun exposure has lasting effects as we all know. As irritating as it was at the time, I developed brown patches on my face from baking in the sun with low SPF sunscreen or baby oil (!) -- who else did that?! Ugh. At first, I thought - wow, my mom is right and I have skin cancer... Of course, when you're 20-ish and not yet a parent you have yet to realize that your mom ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Fashion Square’s Upcoming Glam-ovation

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When I first moved to the Valley of the Sun from the Seattle area 20 years ago, there was no Nordstrom. No Starbucks. To a born and raised Seattleite, this was distressing. Particularly the no Starbucks situation. Thankfully, within a year the first Starbucks opened not far from our house and Nordstrom at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Whew. Fast forward to today and Fashion Square has changed dramatically over the last two decades, turning into a major luxury shopping destination. And, big news, the mall is undergoing a major makeover! Or glam-ovation as I'm calling it. ...Read more.