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Celeb Style Crush | Reese Witherspoon

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We have been smitten with Reese Witherspoon since the original Legally Blonde came out and made us wish we were back in college so we could tote a Chihuahua around in our book bag and try to get away with it in class. This A-lister and mom of 3 has always had great style, both chic and practical in her everyday life, and she seldom disappoints on the red carpet. Her street style is a combination of classic, all-American and girly, and has a laid-back vibe, like she's not trying too hard. We can pretty much see ourselves wearing whatever she does. In other words, it's not out of reach and works for moms in the real ...Read more.

Angela’s Lab | Spring Break Part 1 – Seattle

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One of my family's regular destinations when on a break or vacation is Seattle. It's my own beloved hometown and when it's sunny (mid-July through mid-October is the best time to go) there is no place more beautiful. Not only are the mountains and water stunning, but the city itself and surrounding area has a terrific personality and sense of self. Admittedly, fashion takes on a more practical focus due to the elements 9 months out of the year -- who wants to ruin their suede Chanel booties after all! So we packed our more practical moto boots and Hello Kitty rain boots for a week in the Northwest. ...Read more.