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Arizona Midday | Dress to Beat the Heat

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Simply put, it's HOT. And humid. This is obviously where the term " dog days of summer" came from. But, we still want to look cool and stylish when we're out and about or joining friends for a cocktail. Plus, it's a great time to head out of town for one final trip to the beach before school starts. On NBC Channel 12's Arizona Midday, Angela featured looks to beat the heat, including this lovely dress from Isy B. Design (the lining is made from fabric that wicks away moisture from your skin - brilliant!) and gorgeous looks from Calypso St. Barth, a go-to spot for beachy, boho clothing and accessories. ...Read more.

Designer Highlight: Isy Obi of Isy B.

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Designer Isy Obi of Isy B. dreamed of starting her own fashion business from the time she was a child. She grew up playing with fabrics and designing clothes in her mother's atelier, who was a fashion designer as well. Prior to launching her business, Isy spent a number of years traveling around the world pursuing a career in finance before settling in the Cayman Islands with her husband. After struggling to find dresses and clothing that looked chic and felt comfortable in the heat of the tropics, she saw an opportunity to design a  line of women's luxury resort wear, inspired by the glamorous, carefree lifestyle ...Read more.