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Angela’s Lab | Color Crush on Army Green

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My latest color crush is on army green. AKA, olive green if you want the shade to sound more sophisticated. I've inadvertently added several items to my closet recently in this arguably neutral hue, including a dress, jacket and jeans, plus these camo sneaks and super versatile vest, which is the perfect layering piece for any time of the year. (Yes, I admit I may have a wee bit of a shopping addiction... Hey, it's cheaper than therapy, right? And an investment really.) ...Read more.

Christina’s Back-to-School Anniversary Sale Finds

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On the heels of Angela's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks, several readers have written in asking what her daughter picked up for her own back-to-school wardrobe. So, Christina (who's headed into second grade this fall) has been enlisted as a guest blogger & stylist on MSL to share what she is loving from the #nsale! ...Read more.

Red, White & Blue Done Right

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The Fourth of July brings out patriotism and pride in our country like no other holiday. Fireworks, picnics, parades, hot dogs, flags and red, white & blue all say "I'm proud to be an American!" We love it. The Fourth can also prompt some pretty cheesy fashion. No muscle tees with flags, please. Or a striped top with star-print shorts. MSL has tips on how to dress in a way that shows your patriotism without looking over the top. And good news, we found a ton of pieces on sale! ...Read more.