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Video | From Velvet to Personalization, Let’s Talk Fall!

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We love that the fall collections have an extra dose of fancy this year -- why wait for the holidays? Brocade and velvet, embellishments and feathers -- wearable luxury sums up the season and minimalism has taken a back seat. Don't worry, our beloved distressed denim isn't going anywhere -- it gives all the rich fabrics some edge and an urban feel. The '70s -- aka the hippie and disco decade -- is still having major influence with a boho vibe, but the '80s is making a play for a starring role too with opulence and fun, including statement pieces like the animal print and pink feather jackets below. As a prelude to ...Read more.

Mom Muse | Micheline Etkin

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It's hard to find a woman with a bigger heart and more compassion for children around the world than Micheline Etkin. This supermodel and mom of three has made it her mission to give as many children as she can reach a better life. Born in Lebanon, and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Micheline started modeling for Elite Models at 30 years old after she’d had her three children (Jimmie, Caroline and Richard -- now adults) while living in Rio. Interestingly enough, she shared with us that she never actually wanted to be a model. In fact, Micheline used to feel out of place with her height in Brazil and would cry to ...Read more.

Mom Muse | Sabrina Posillico

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MSL is excited to introduce our first Mom Muse for 2014! We have been smitten with Sabrina Posillico and her company, Healing Anthropology, for several years now and who better to inspire us to take better care of ourselves in the new year and embrace a healthier lifestyle than this super-achiever mom? After noticing a gap in the beauty market for truly all-natural skin care products, Sabrina decided to do something about it by creating Healing Anthropology, a 100% all-natural (absolutely NOTHING synthetic) skin care line. We are big fans at MSL. Like so many moms and moms-to-be, we became hyper-aware of everything ...Read more.