Après Ski Lodge Looker

Apres Ski Lodge Looker // MSL

When you hear the words “après ski,” your mind might wander back to Lauren Holly’s wide stretch headband and barely-there, ski slope leggings from the days of Dumb and Dumber. Ah, the infamous mid-run snowball fight with Lloyd. Sure, we all may have wanted to look like her then, but today that thought is a bit scary. Luckily, the fairisle is our friend and winter boots finally boast some femininity. If you’re headed to snow country and want to distract from your windblown cheeks and icicle-ridden hair, we have a few items that you should add to your winter wardrobe. There’s no reason bundling up can’t be beautiful.

1. Sweater, J. Crew. (Alternative here)

2. Vest, Canada Goose. (Alternative here)

3. Leggings, Joie. (Alternative here)

4. Scarf, Lorie. (Alternative here)

5. Boots, Technica. (Alternative here)

And of course your look wouldn’t be complete without a fabulous jacket to top it all off…


Military Parka, J. Crew

Long Bear Coat, Parajumpers


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