Why You Need to Try These Korean Beauty Products

Everyone’s buzzing about Korean beauty products as of late, so when Moira Cosmetics sent me a box of goodies to try I was excited to check out this new brand. From skincare to makeup, Moira has a wide selection of promising products in sleek packaging. Plus, if you need another reason to check out this line, Moira founder Christine Ko recently won “The Breakthrough Award” at the 2018 Hollywood Beauty Awards in LA!!

Since I had a girls’ night out planned, I thought it would be a great time to try out everything and get my face photo-ready!

I started at the base with the Natural Glow Gentle Scrub, which is paraben and sulfate free in case you were wondering. It promises to exfoliate, remove pollution, moisturize, brighten and reduce inflammation. Yay! It has a nice texture (not too gritty) and did a fabulous job of cleaning my face.

Now my skin was ready to try one of wonderful masks. Hmmmm… I decided to try the Botanical Lifting Hydrogel Mask first. (Check back for my thoughts on the other mask Moira sent me, the Snow Lotus Hydrogel Mask.)  The special ingredients in the Botanical Lifting Mask include chamomile flower extract, avocado oil, and evening primrose oil. The mask promises to smooth the appearance of fine lines and restore elasticity. And the result? I’m impressed! My face definitely looked smoother and hydrated. By the way, it’s great deal too at just $6 for a single mask or 5 masks for $25.

I look a little freaky, but the mask is super hydrating!

Once my face was plumped and glowing, I applied the Multiluminator — it’s a high-definition primer that can be worn under makeup or alone. If you’ve followed this blog for long, you’ll know I swear by my primer for a smooth surface and lasting makeup application. Pretty. Glowing. Nice scent. Impressive. Okay, next I apply my usual foundation (we’ll save the bare-faced look with the Multiluminator for another day), then I use Moira’s Mega Concealer (it’s waterproof and full coverage — both essential in my opinion) under my eyes and on reddish areas on my face. Excellent coverage and easy to apply and blend, check! I then patted on another layer of Multiluminator just for good measure — I can’t stand looking shiny — then moved to my eyes.

I did my brows my normal way, then opened Scandal Eyes Metallic Duo (Mambo is liquid shadow and Samba is glitter). Wow. The pigment is gorgeous and glittery in both sides, and the glitter goes on smoothly without being super loose and falling all over like other eye glitter I’ve used in the past. Next, let’s talk about the Undeniable Gel Liner that I’m now officially switching over to! It is amazing — the color (I used Chocolate Sundae) and definition is perfect and it’s only $9!! Plus, it lasted all night without smudging. I’ve been using Chanel Waterproof Liner for years because it’s great, but it’s $33. Big price difference and the lasting result is the same.

The finishing touch — Scandalous Matte Lips in Bermuda (it’s waterproof) and a pretty reddish-brown. So good on a number of skin tones.

Finally, I head out the door to put these products to the test. The result? After a night out with my girl squad, I came home and my makeup looked pretty darn good still. The eyeliner and shadows hadn’t budged and my face still looked dewy, but not shiny as it often does. The lip gloss held up really well too — much better than my usual lipstick/gloss combo. Winning girls’ night out with Moira! I highly recommend these products. The quality is high, the price is right and they really work. And, if you’re wondering, while I got the products for free, I was not paid to review them — so this is a truly unbiased review.

Car selfie! Gotta love the light.

Special thanks to Moira Cosmetics for sending me this box of products to try — I’m hooked!

P.S. Simply enter your email when you arrive at the Moira website for the first time and you get 15% off your first order!

P.S.S. Annnddd…. look who we spotted on Moira’s blog — one of my favorite models, sweet friend and former Miss Arizona…. Maureen Montagne! She’s been a regular face on my TV segments for over five years now. Love her! 


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  1. Debra says:

    Loved how you showed each step. Great explanations.
    Thanks Deb

  2. Mary says:

    Had no idea these products existed! Thank you for the info!

  3. Pauline L. says:

    Korean face masks are really nice. I love them and I personally think they perform better than western brands.

  4. Kathryn King says:

    Great post – the masks do look weird, but if they work – who cares! 🙂

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